Allowed List of Files

Where can I find the allowed list of files for free hosting accounts in InfinityFree? In my personal homepage that I developed I have the following file types.

  1. .HTML
  2. .PHP
  3. .PDF
  4. .SWF (as part of JQuery JPlayer Library)
  5. .JS
  6. .CSS
  7. .XML (created by NetBeans)
  8. .properties (created by NetBeans)
  9. .EOT
  10. OTF
  11. SVG
  12. TTF
  13. .WOFF
  14. .PNG
  15. .JPG
  16. .ICO (favicon.ico)

Last month when I tried to upload my personal homepage as it is from Azure Devops GIT, my account got instantly disabled and support told me it is because of presence of PDF files.

Hence I would like to confirm the supported list of files.

I believe the platform works with a blocklist, not an allowlist of file types.

And the blocklist is mostly based on file types that are usually used to commit abuse. For example, .exe or .apk files are often used to distribute malicious software, which we don’t allow. .rar is used primarily for file sharing (and we cannot scan those files for malware) which we don’t allow either.

And we don’t publish an official list of blocked and allowed file extensions. We don’t want people to work around our security measures by disguising bad files as legitimate files.

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