Allow_url_fopen is not enabled

Username (epiz_26797659) or

Error Message

Other Information

I don’t find any things to solve this error. Please help me.

You bought the script?

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No. I downloaded it.

The script costs $59

You have downloaded a nulled script,which violates IF’s T0S.

And nulled scripts have malware in them(bad for you,visitors,servers)

Now remove it to save your account.


Please, I need to just test it to see it is good or bad. Than I can brought it.
Please help me.

You want to ruin the servers?

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These nulled scripts will ruin the servers.

Now delete the script

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If you try to cheat IF,Admin will have to suspend your account.
[Admin may check your account…]

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It is enabled:

And if you want to test pirated software, do it somewhere else. We don’t tolerate it on our servers.


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