All web pages return http 500 not sure why

If you put a timestamp column on your table, then it would show when/if something stopped working. However, if your code malfunctioned (which seems the most likely to me), then there would be no more timestamps from the time it began malfunctioning.

What would another network company know about our servers? iFastNet has not publicized what infrastructure they use, so it could be Cisco, but it is most likely something in the chain between you and the servers.

Nope, as seen in our Terms, and in the footer of every page on, we are InfinityFree. NL Chamber of Commerce Number 82523878. I don’t know where you got “Infinity Free Limited 13619843”, but that is not correct (AFAIK).

Correct, you did provide output from tracert; and correct, it did get lost at some point. We tried to tell you that our network infrastructure is set up to block pings and tracerts on the ICMP protocol, but accept web requests over the HTTP and HTTPS through TCP/IP protocol. You are just trying to be right, but failing at different places (for example, what I just discussed).

You can ask iFastNet to remove this “filter” (I use that in parentheses because it is not actually, going off of both your definition and the definition from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary), but they will most certainly deny your request, because this “filter” is supposed to prevent bots from accessing your site as explained here, but the way it goes about doing that is not in the manner of the word and definition “filter” that you used and Oxford ALD defines.

Nowhere can I find this as a definition for the word “filter” (searched in Oxford ALD, Merriam-Webster, and

OK, let’s start.

  1. Can you provide a detailed description of exactly how our “filter” is intercepting and rerouting your data?
  2. You say “Personal data” a lot. What is the PII your are collecting (e.g., names, phone numbers, addresses)? Here’s an article from the US Department of Homeland Security explaining what PII is in the US: What is Personally Identifiable Information? | Homeland Security ( and one from the GDPR website under (the official European Commission website) What personal data is considered sensitive? (

I personally don’t know, and I’m not sure anyone else here does (it is out of our scope). Maybe you know, maybe your network administrator knows, maybe your ISP knows, maybe someone at iFastNet knows, but that’s not any of us (the Moderators, Admin, any Leader, myself, or any other user of this service). I’m sorry we can’t give you a straight answer.

As a conclusion, I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but it is hard to keep everyone happy at all times. We do want to help you, but that is hard when you provide us conflicting information, incomplete results, theories with no evidence, etc. Even if no one else here wants to help you, I will, but you’ll need to provide correct information. And with regard to right of refusal of service, we can refuse your service any time we feel appropriate, and you can too; if you request deletion of your client area profile, and immediately discontinue your use of any one and all of our Services (under the domain or any other domain we own), you have effectively refused our service until all of your data is deleted from the service (then you will have fully refused our service, if I understand how right of refusal of service works). Please consult the Terms, though, to see if what I have said is accurate.

Thank you for using this service.