All Plugin Installation Method Failed

I can’t install plugin on my site: If i try to install it automatically it shows me update failed error everytime.


Or If i try to install it manually, it starts and uploads but sudden show this above error.
Plz help me. By which method i can upload plugin??

This is 2nd error

In both cases, you’re using a PHP script to extract a fairly large archive on the server. Script time limits and file size limits are killing.

Instead, you can upload the plugin by hand using FTP. We described this process in this article:

Also, just for the record, we recommend against using backup plugins. The same problems that are causing trouble with the installation may also cause trouble during the creation or restoration of any backups.

The one and only backup method we can recommend is a good old file backup over FTP and database backup from phpMyAdmin. That’s described in this article:

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