All my subdomains are going to some spamming/ad site

I just created my moved my site to infinityfree/epiz.
I have my domain registered with google domains.

I followed the instructions to configure the name servers in google domains…

You must set your domains name servers to the following before adding the domain to this system
ns1 .epizy .com
ns2 .epizy .com

after I did that, all my subdomains that are not configured are redirecting to some ugly looking site that looks like spam. Only if i put my exact url address, it goes to my site… anything else like or
goes to this other site.

I am using the free package to try the services/tools here… and I am not sure what’s going on.
I haven’t find anywhere any article about this problem, also I couldn’t find anyone complaining about it here.

anyone knows what’s going on or how to solve it?

Btw… does this also happen in paying accounts here?

This is normal. Our nameservers install a parking page for non-existent domains.

This happens to all sites, but you don’t see many people complaining about it because I suppose most people don’t care about the content on subdomains they don’t use.

No, premium hosting doesn’t have this.


As for how to solve it, thats impossible with a free subdomain. But if you want a few specific subdomains to not show the page, just create those subdomains via the “Subdomain” section of the control panel, then add a redirect or other file for the subdomain.

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