All .ml domains are down due to registry transfer

Please can Admin confirm that any files on servers associated with these domains are not in line to be deleted??

I am grabbing our files from the affected domains as fast as I can, but I am only half way through…



As long as the account has not been suspended for inactivity, there is no risk (and if it gets suspended it can be reactivated with the click of a button).


Well nobody is accessing the domain, so that will happen to them all in the end… I think it is a 30 day period am I right in thinking that?? I am hoping to have them all in the next couple of days…

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There is a 30 day period, indeed, but you can reactivate the account easily through the client area.

Note that this is an account limit, so as long as one domain in the account (for example, a free subdomain you may have added) is receiving visitors, the account will not get suspended.


If I have three accounts already, and I just let this one deactivate, will I be able to add another account or will the deactivated account count as one of my three accounts??

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Only active accounts are counted


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