All files are in htdocs, but website not showing!

My website is

I have placed all of my files including index.php into the htdocs folder and removed index2.html. .htaccess shows that index.php is accepted. But when i go to the webpage it just shows the default page. My page has been launched for a number of hours now so I assume it’s not that. What should I do?

Should I just wait longer?

For me your website works fine. If it doesn’t work for you try to press Ctrl+F5 to reload the page and clear cache.


Wait do you mean that you can actually see the content? Like, a student form page not just the default page? Cus I’m trying it on my laptop and I get the same on both. I’m talking about getting the actual website I made hosted, not just, showing that I am hosting a website.

Yes, he does mean he can see the student page.

I tried using the page with my vpn on and it worked so I suppose it’s just not launched in my region yet. Problem solved :slight_smile:

The service is probably blocked in your region, but good that it works now.

Or maybe there is a proxy service in between which also caches the page? It’s a bit of a nasty move from the network administrators if they did this, but it could happen.

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