AJAX worked for two days, then failure

My website URL is: http://martinleese.epizy.com/

What I’m seeing is: I am trying to get AJAX to work. It is NOT a chat page. The puzzle is that it worked fine for two days, and only then stopped working.

The test page is at:

with the (client side) JavaScript at:

and the (server side) PHP at:

Status = 0 is being returned (instead of 200), with no statusText. You can see this on the test webpage. For two days status = 200 was returned and it worked!

I’m using this software: I am using whatever version of PHP comes with the site.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

i inspected your site element and i get this error :confused:


maybe this helps?

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When I click “Random pithy saying”, I see an AJAX request go out to http://martinleese.epizy.com/AJAX/BounceMessage.php, which returns a 404 error. Is that URL correct?

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Thanks for helping. I see that the URL is wrong in that it is:

and the "&"should be a “?”. I changed this because the Epizy.com site kept appending “?i=1” to the URL. As it does not seem to be doing that, I will put the code back to how it was.

Thank you for the link about Cross-Origin. However, everything is on martinleese.epizy.com, so that can not be the problem.

Yes, /AJAX/BounceMessage.php is correct. I have set up three URLs for the AJAX request to go to:

The first two are for testing, and the last for production.

I just checked, and all three exist. The 404 error you reported is therefore a puzzle.

AJAX is working fine now. However, I didn’t do anything to make it work (I just put everything back to how it was when it stopped working). I assume something changed at the Epizy end. My worry is, how can I be sure that it will not stop working again?

it was gave me CORS Error before. it means it’s banned by bots and now fixed

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