may I Host for free in infinityfree a wordpress site? mean may I install an msql databas?

You can! You can install WordPress through Softaculous, or if you prefer a manual installation you can create a MySQL database under the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel or the Client Area.


thanks; JxstErg1 !! I upload always my fils through ftp, do you know how I must do to reach my cpanel in Infinityfree?

Log in to your Client Area, click on the hosting account your domain is on, then click on “Control Panel” and you should get there.


thank you again, do you know if I can install there a wordpress by “Softaculous Apps Installer”?

Yes, you can; it’s also one of the easiest ones to find in Softaculous as it’s right on its home page!


sorry friend, I’ve find Softacullus is a paid one, and the site I’m trying to set is an artist site you understand we’ve not money , lol… there is a way to install wordpress manually myself, right?

use our free Softaculous directly from the client area (after choosing a hosting acc)

or in the control panel


I’ve just watch that, !! thanks both of you!


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