After deleting old html, upload new version, old version persists

No error message

Other Information - I uploaded a html file with associated pieces/parts in a folder. It (mostly) worked. I fixed some problems, deleted the old folder from htdocs and deleted the html file. I uploaded the new version, but when I attempt to display the new version, the old version shows up. I’ve deleted the folder and the html file from Monsta FTP several times. I also deleted the old ones from FileZilla. After deleting the old version and uploading a new version at least 3 times, the old version still shows up. Is there somekind of cashe I need to clear?

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Thanks! I think that did it! I never thought about the client side. I was focused on the server.

The other obvious thing I could’ve done was upload it with a different name. There was nothing forcing me to give the new version the same name.

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Other method could be this:
Files Diagram

That would only work if you force reloaded (CTRL+F5)



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