Adverts on site


Why does my site have these ads on it?

I looked at the website and this doesn’t appear.

It still appears like that to me, could it be because its a new website?

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Maybe, I find this mostly on expired domains. Check you domain.

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I just purchased the domain yesterday, so I dont think its that

I’m not too sure then. Wait for other replies, I don’t find this that often and I don’t have that much expierence with such stuff. Sorry.

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alright, will do

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Hi there,
your site loads fine:

if you do not see it yet, your DNS has not updated to see these changes yet. Consider flushing your DNS or switching to faster DNS servers.

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do you know how I would do that?

First of all, Have you already cleared your browser cache? If not then clear/delete it.

If issue is still persistent consider flushing your DNS cache by going to Command Prompt and execute this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

Tried both of those and nothing changed, could it be because it’s a new domain?

Yes and no since your site also is working fine on my end:

Since you just recently registered that subdomain then it could be that it still has not propagated in your place yet.

Have you also tried using another browser?

It’s meant to come out like this

But it comes out like this

(I didn’t put ads on the page)

The second screenshot is because the domain has not propagated to your network.
You will need to:

  1. clear browser cache
  2. flush dns
    if those two don‘t help, switch DNS servers to something like Cloudflare‘s

now, once your domain will properly work, your site will look like the screenshot from @UnknownLolzand and myself further above, this is probably due to a missing or misconfigured stylesheet.


Alright, thanks


I could see it, and I could see your resources, javascripts and htmls, make it non-public.

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the main link goes to the directory, re-config .htaccess to redirect to the index.html file

RewriteEngine On
Redirect /index.html

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