ADMIN IGNORES ME: Could you kindly Delete my url from the support forum please?


I was talking with one admin and asking for help to remove my url from this thread:

The issue is that you forum is open to google and indexes any url posted on the forums and i do not want my posts here linked to the website i have with you guys.

I did very kindly ask one of the admins here however my requests have fallen upon deaf ears and the lack of support ( just needs to click on the delete button ) really puts me off upgrading my account.

Can someone kindly assist me, i would very much appreciate getting some help on this issue.

If you do not wish to delete my post then can you remove the sensitive data ( urls from the post please ).

The post in question is here:

Hopefully someone can help turn my bad experience around.

Kind regards

I also posted on the admins profile and sent him a personal message but he just rudely ignored me.

I appreciate any help i may finally get here.

Kindest regards,

Admins will respond to you within a day or two. Be patient.

What sensitive data? It’s a URL of a website, don’t you want your website to become popular? Names, address details, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and so on are personal, sensitive data.

We don’t censor posts because your question has been answered. This is a forum, not a ticket system.