addon domain

Hi. When i try to add my own domain as addon domain, i get this error message “This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) .”
Any advice??

Well, one piece of advice I can give is that it’s very hard to figure out why a domain cannot be added when we don’t know which domain you’re trying to add. Can you tell us the domain name?

@ihsan07 @Admin

For me it seems like another issue.

If I got it right then @ihsan07 is trying to add a sub-domain? Some sub-domains are not supported on our free hosting. However if you are trying to add a second-level domain then it shouldn’t display errors like these.

Knowing name of the domain that you are trying to add would be good for us so we can investigate your issue.

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it isn’t a subdomain. “” domain name and “” is main domain