Addon Domain HELP please

epiz_30623915 for

I created my site about a month ago and got a this address shown on top. I had already created a domain for to DOMAIN .COM service and wanted to move it here to use on my new site.

I used Addon Domain to move it, by adding DNS namesservers on domain .com dashboard). Now, it is transferred and showing the domain on my account settings here in Infinity and there is folder created for it in my files, but the address itself doesn’t work. when trying to access the site using (biwiphoto .com) it displays following error:

403 Forbidden


What should I do, to make it work?

Can you try clearing your cache?

Both websites are showing the same thing:


I tried with couple of browsers and for me it works with but shows forbidden access error on I tried to clear my cache, but still problem remains. But if they work for you, I’ll trust that the issue is on my browser settings or something. I will update later, if problem is occuring with someone else. thanks :slight_smile:

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I got issue solved. The new domain had no SSL active and my browser is set to only allow sites with SSL. I renewed SSL sertificate and now site is accessable again. Thanks for help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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