Adding ZOHO mail service

I’m having the following problems:

  1. I’ve added zoho spf record (v=spf1 ~all) to both infinity free and but is failing to verify
  2. I’ve creaded a zoho login page ( and added CNAME record (Point it to but the cloudflare is adding an https:/ front of it (
    I need to disable it but cloudflare dns page no longer allowing me to modify these.

How to resolve these issues

I see you’re using our Cloudflare integration. Unfortunately, it has some design issues meaning things like MX records and SPF records don’t work with it. The easiest way to make email work is to disable our Cloudflare integration.

If you feel comfortable managing your own DNS records, you can sign up with Cloudflare directly and set up your domain name with their system.

That’s sad