Adding Chatroom to my website

Hi there. I have build a simple website. I now want to add a Chatroom to it.
So i opted for the Minnit chat that i am trying to embed in my website. But am getting
an error from infinityfree saying it is forbidden ( error 403 )

I am embedding the chatroom with HTML code.
Chatroom website
my website

Any help would be appreciated.



Chat scripts are not allowed to be hosted on Infinityfree.


The chat is hosted by another website. So its only the HTML code on my website, so no infinitelyfree resources is being used.

Rename to another thing else?

It should be fine if it’s html, change it to /chatroom

I’m sorry, but the limitation applies on chat in name of everyfile.

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I’m changing the name. hope it helps

Changed the name, still the same. So basically the only way to fix this is with another website host ? :frowning:

The word chat seems to be limited, set the URL to something that doesnt include chat in it. Make sure none of your files have chat in it either.
No need to switch hosting.

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The chat keyword is blocked for files and folders. If you would name is something like conversation instead, it should work.

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