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From looking at some of the posts here I gathered that in order to add only a subdomain of my domain I have to change the DNS servers to point to InfinityFree?

My domain has other subdomains that I do not want to move over, nor I want them to be down for days. But I guess there is not other ways to do it?

I dont want to sound like a complain since the service is free, but is there a reason why InfinityFree want to force their DNS server on the users, when it is common to just delegate the subdomain to use the hosting company’s DNS?

No, you have to change nameservers, at least temporary. Once your domain/subdomain is added to hosting acct, you can switch back the nameservers. Just remember to add A/CNAME record after switching to non-IF nameservers.

Is for adding your domain/subdomain to hosting acct

Sure, upgrade to premium hosting


There are a couple of reasons why enforcing our nameservers is beneficial:

  • Having people change the nameservers first is a convenient way for domain verification.
  • We may at times change IP addresses of accounts without warning, and we can only push those settings to our own nameservers.
  • Many people are not well versed in DNS management and may break things if left to configure the DNS themselves.
  • Some third party DNS providers are bad and cause performance or availability problems for domains using them. We don’t want people complaining that our hosting is slow when it’s their own DNS hoster mucking things up.

I do think that an alternative domain verification method which does not require changing nameservers ahead of time would be an improvement, but we don’t have that yet.


Thank you for the replies.

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