Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

As I stated in the original message: it will take a few hours for everything to stabilize. Until then, you may see some odd behavior.

Please all have patience and check again tomorrow. There is nothing you have to do or can do right now.


my website is still being redirected is anyones back up?

how long ? it is redirected still

It’s still broken :frowning:

Hi - My website is still down. Wondering if this is still a general problem, or something with my site specifically - thanks.

I have that same problem
the suspension period ended yesterday
also the problem is still not resolved

still the same, no matter what i do, it goes to Special offer and Discount Coupon

really ? how many hours?

It should be fixed already, but may not be.

If you still have this issue, can you please share the affected domain name? I can’t check what’s going on if I don’t know which site is affected.

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Still not right.

the domain is

What’s not right? Can you please share your domain name, what it redirects to? After all, “it redirects to” is right in the title of the topic.

Thank you, that helps.


It redirects to

the domain is
it redirects to

Yes, I know that. It says so right in the topic title. No need to explain that your website redirects to when the topic is specifically about websites redirecting to

If your website wasn’t redirecting to, you wouldn’t be having this issue.


Hello Admin, This problem was ther for my site at yesterday evening. it was not there today morining and it worked fine, But now again my site got redirecting to Please Help Me - My website is

my domain is

problems: it redirects to

How Long will it take to resolve. Same here.

hey, my domain is

problems: it redirects to