Accout suspended after account suspension was liftet? HOW?

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
log in few min (~10 min) after my suspension was schedule to end (for high cpu) and i am suspended again ???

I’m using this software:

So yesterday i was suspended for high cpu use and i was doing caching and testing and i am ok with that ,the problem is today when i log in i saw i had aroud 20 min before the suspension is liftet ,so i come again in around 30 min to log in to my account and its suspended again for high CPU usage ?
I have not entered the page , eddit anything or left the dash bord opened ,i even have heartbeat disabled on my wordpress because of those cpu limits, only thing that was left open was the so that i can look for the time. Can this make the CPU limit cap ? And if not how then ,what was the cause ?
Sorry for my englisht and thanks in advance !

Additional information:

Your site is probably suspended because visitors made your site exceed the cpu limit.


Welcome @AmonTv :slightly_smiling_face: It’s hard to say what exactly could have caused it, possibly there’s a plugin that is doing something to cause high CPU usage.

If your site is suspended on a regular basis you might try deactivating plugins one at a time for a couple days each and see if the excess CPU usage stops. Of course you can’t deactivate any that would take your site down. You might end up having to upgrade to paid hosting as a last resort.

As @Fury_Phoenix said about visitors, the site was down for a time, so there could have been a rush of traffic once it was back online causing the CPU limit to be exceeded.

Typically the exact reason will never be known, they keep things like that hidden to avoid attempts to cheat the system


ok i forgot to mention 1 thing
My site was left in maintainance mode (i made a custom page for it usin elementor Maintenance Mode – When you set Elementor’s Maintenance Mode on, it will make your site tell search engines that your site is temporarily down for maintenance. It does so by sending the temporary maintenance response (HTTP 503). This way, search engines know to come back a short time later to check again if the site is already online.)
So with all that said i have hard time believing that bunch of visitors / bots or whatever just poped up exactly when my suspension was due to end and overloaded or used all that CPU on a maintenace page (with 1 optimized png and 2-3 lines of text )

I checked your resource usage graphs (the ones you can also see in the control panel) and I see your daily CPU usage graph is extremely high. In the hour or so your account was active generated, it may have generated enough CPU usage that it went over the daily limit in that short period of time.

You could try to enable “I’m under attack” mode in Cloudflare. Doing so will prevent most bots from accessing your website. And unlike Elementor’s maintenance mode, Cloudflare will prevent any PHP code from being executed, which saves you some CPU power, and may allow you to access your website long enough to try to reduce the CPU consumption.


ok thank you for the response!


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