Account Upgrade

pls i want to upgrade my account with infinityfree
i tried from the account panel what i saw was a different host company and when i tried from cpanel i saw another different host entirely
if i do that will ma website remain intact or do i have to move it manually?
and am hoping to test run for a month first when this one month expires will my content be deleted or reverted to the free host

InfinityFree, as the name suggests, is a free hosting service. InfinityFree does not have any paid services and our technology cannot be used for premium hosting.

We (the people who own the InfinityFree brand) operate our own premium hosting services on XVHOST (seen in the client area) and iFastNet (seen in the control panel) sponsors the infrastructure we use.

Whichever of the two companies you choose to upgrade to, your website will have to be moved and adapted to the new servers. And there is no way to downgrade your account automatically.

And, as with all services, if you stop paying your account will be deleted eventually.