Account transfer


I registered an account on my name with my email but i created it for a client. Can i transfer complete account and created hosting to my client so that he can connect to the account with his email? And how to do it?


Welcome. No, that’s not possible, because we don’t allow more than one account per person, that would just encourage that behavior.

What you need to do is download a copy of the files and database, then remove the domain from your hosting account, and delete the account.

Transfer the files and database over to your client, and have them connect the domain to their account, and import the files and database data to it.


The best option I can offer you is that you can change the password and email address on the client area profile to the details of your client. But that’s only useful if you don’t have other websites on the same profile or hosting account. Otherwise, manual migration is the way to go I think.


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