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Account Temporarily Suspended

Your free hosting account is suspended for reaching a daily resource limit. Please note that each free hosting account has daily CPU, hits, RAM, I/O, and Entry process limits. During each day we record all of these usage stats. It is quite normal for a website to utilise daily limits as PHP scripts do use alot of server resources, especially if you have multiple PHP scripts and websites in your free hosting account.

The daily limit you reached was your daily ep limit .

When will your free hosting account be re-activated?

Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivated 24 hours after it was suspended.

Therefore at 05:02 Sunday 14 June (in 23 hours, 50 minutes) your account will be activated again where you will regain full access!)

Once your account is activated you may want to consider lowering your server resource usage by removing scripts, plugins, domains, optimizing your code, install caching, or upgrading your free account to our premium hosting which has upto 80 times the limits of a free hosting plan with 100’s of extra features.

Other Information

I used 10 % inodes, Daily Hit used 1% than why my account is suspend ? it’s second time.

The information you see at the Control Panel is not live meaning it’s not the updated information, the Statistics will only be updated/refreshed at the end of the day.

If you get automatically suspended then that means you already hit the limits, the system does not lie but false positives could happen anytime which is rare to occur.


In your own post, it clearly says that your account is suspended for the daily EP limit. That means your account is suspended because you hit the EP limit. The EP limit is not the hits limit or inodes limit. If it was, we would say so. But we don’t, because they are different.

Please check the link in the client area to learn more about what this EP limit actually means.


What is EP Limit ?
how to know EP Limit ?

Maybe this could help you:

Entry Process Limit (EP)


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