Account Temporarily Suspended

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:**Account Temporarily Suspended

Additional information:

i know i should upgrade account but how i can get me content back i can’t use cpanel
i don’t want my site to get banned i work so hard to make it work
@Admin how i can get my site files please ?

My Website URL:

**What I’m seeing is:**Account Temporarily Suspended

Additional information:

I was disabling and deleting 1 plugin broken. It got stuck in a loop which created one spike of CPU over usage.

It won’t happen again as I will be deleting the plugin. But I need my website up online now because It will be Manually Verified by one of the 3rd Parties Today. I don’t want them to reject my domain.
Thank You if you Can manage to de-suspend my account.

@Yugenteam, you can wait 24 hours to get your files back, or upgrade to Premium Hosting and request them to transfer the website files; they can even do that even if the account was suspended.
@jester1987, you can remove the broken plugin by using FTP, going in htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ and removing the broken plugin’s folder. You must wait 24 hours to the account to be activated. We can’t break the rules. If you don’t want suspensions all over again upgrade to Premium Hosting and request them to transfer the website files; they can even do that even if the account was suspended.

Ok Thanks. I’ll wait. Thankfully the 3rd party still got my domain approved. So now no Issue waiting. I will remove the Plugin. The Spike was caused because the “Sleep() function is disabled for security reasons” and hence it caused it to loop. The plugin was not broken. Worked perfectly in my local server.

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ok i will wait 24h thanks for answer :hearts:

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Again My Account Got Temporarily Suspended even when I wasn’t using it. There are no plugins that would cause CPU usage like that. What’s going on? Nor can I access my FTP.

Maybe your website isn’t suitable for this free hosting, and you need to upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offer many features and there aren’t limits.

Wow, you really can tell which plugins cause high CPU usage and which don’t? That’s amazing, because even I can’t do that! Very few people in the world know that, because iFastNet doesn’t disclose the exact ways the CPU usage is calculated or what the limits are.

Ok. I saw my email and there were no warning messages either. Direct Message of Temporary Suspension. I can tell by looking at the graph of my daily usage and I know what date what plugin was installed. And if that plugin is causing CPU load. I am trying to keep the requirements below the limits too. Only another reason it may have happened is due to Wordfence Auto Scan where it requires Sleep() function. But as sleep function being disabled for security reasons, I can understand this spike cause.

@Ergastolator1 Ok I might do that later when I am done with the website.

A PHP script which needs to scan and analyze an entire website definitely sounds like something that could consume a high amount of CPU power, especially if those scans are executed frequently.

So if you installed Wordfence just before the CPU usage spiked, you may want to disable that plugin and see if it helps.

My Account just got activated. To my surprise, wordfence was already uninstalled by me due to previous suspension due to CPU spike. The Second suspension was indeed for unknown reason as there were no warning email for usage before suspension.

I wonder what ifastnet is upto, or how do they calculate CPU usage.

Thanks anyways :slight_smile: You guys give nice support on this forum.


You have hit the daily use, so you have to wait 24 hrs, or upgrade to Premium.

This has been solved; have you read the complete post before posting?

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