Account Temporarily Suspended


My website are too slow. It keep showing 500 error on my page and i keep need to reload my website. After i reload my website and it work back to normal. i can start continue with my wordpress. After awhile i try to reload my website. It say 

Account Temporarily Suspended

Can staff solve this problem?

I'm sorry, but what is the problem you want us to solve?

If your website returns a HTTP ERROR 500, that means your website code has crashed. There are many reasons why that could happen, but that's not something we can fix from the hosting side. You need to figure out what's going on yourself, and this is a good place to start:

The temporary suspension means that your account hit some kind of resource limit. You can check the client area for more information about which limit you hit, as well as a link to the knowledge base article explaining more about what that particular limit means and what you need to do to avoid hitting it again.