Account suspension?

Long story short: My account is suspended out of the blue.

I’ve submitted a ticket to XVHOST desk (and waiting for good news), but I’m still a bit curious: What could possibly make an account suspended? (Is there anything else but inactivity and violation? And what counts as “violation”?)

Hello @84436.

Account suspensions are done by automatic system. I cannot tell exact reason why your account is suspended because that’s something that only @Admin can check however this automatic-system method is more efficient as it only suspends those accounts who have similiar files, pages, scripts and methods in their websites that exploiters and people with malicious intentions usually use.

As you already submitted your support ticket now you just have to wait while our support team checks your request.

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Free hosting is general is always being bombarded by abusers who do nothing but uploading viruses, phishing pages, hacking scripts and other evil content. In order to stop such accounts and prevent harm to others, we employ a wide variety of ways to detect abusive accounts. While this system works really well against abuse, some legitimate accounts get caught as well. Usually though, we can just check your account and reactivate it.

OK, now my 2nd account ( is also taken down. I’ve just created it like 1 or 2 days ago and just threw an index.html in it, and now it’s down too.

There must be an explaination. My account just can’t be taken down without any (reasonable) reason.

UPDATE: There’s something strange. Up to now (9:55 p.m. GMT +7; June 7, 2016) all my sites has been taken down, include the one that I registered with other webhost ( The other site is, and it’s just like the xnm1h* one.

Well, you already know how to submit a ticket, so you know how to request reactivation for your other accounts too.