Account Suspension

Account: epiz_28549459

About my account, I got suspended three times in one day and they all just say “Suspended” and in the email it tells me I was suspended because I exceeded a limit or I was abusing the hosting service, and the response on the tickets are the same and almost seems generated and not from a human, I would just like a person to explain why this keeps happening.

Witch one, and what did it say specifically? If you were able to create a ticket, you were probably permanently suspended, and in contact with iFastNet’s support system. If that is the case (I’m not entirely sure, since you did not provide the reason for suspension), you were chatting with a real (And what some would say unhelpful) human.

This is what it said in the email, it just said “or” not exactly stating which one and why would I be banned three times permanently that doesn’t make sense, (still been 5 hours since the third ticket request) I’m either perm banned or its a busy day for them…

That’s weird. Normally the emails are more descriptive. Try entering the client area for the account, and selecting “Deactivation History”. There might me something there.

The suspension description is vague on purpose. The reason is “abuse” which could be caused by bad content or by exceeding a limit. And we don’t want to tell a criminal exactly what we found on their account and how we found it, because they can use that information to figure out how to get their next site past us.

The replies may seem a bit robotic, but that’s usually because they are canned replies. These people review many accounts, and having to write the same explanation over and over again isn’t helpful for anyone. So you may see the same message multiple times if the reason is the same.


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