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Account has been suspended .Please reactivate it …
Because it is being used for WebDev Practice and We will ensure that it doesn’t cross the limit of attemps for MYSQL query.

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Create a ticket in the client area to reactivate it.

Could you please?

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Thank you for your response!!

It has been reactivated.

But I still have doubt.
What has hit the MYSQL Usage Limit ?
mysql queries or number of ajax call in our website(
What it can be??

The MySQL usage is based on which user causes heavy load on the database server. This load is generated by database queries, but the performance of queries is more important than the raw number of queries. Database performance enhancements like making sure you have the right indexes, denormalizing the scheme and writing queries which MySQL can execute efficiently can have a greater effect than just reducing the number of queries.

And of course, the number of web requests (including AJAX) which trigger database queries do of course affect database load. But that’s not the thing being measured here.

As to what database activity actually caused this, I don’t know. We only record load metrics per user, we don’t record individual queries and their load impact.


Got it.
Thank you for information :slight_smile:

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