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I got my account suspended for high traffic, and now I bought a premium hosting plan on iFastNet, and my account on got restored, if I keep using the domains that I have on will the account get suspended again?

Uhm. I’m confused.

If you pay for premium service of ifastnet, why not use their service? It has much higher limit and a lot more of additional features.

If you don’t know how to move your website there, you can ask their support to do that for you. It’s very easy for them to help you with that.

And, regard your question, your account was suspended due to high traffic, so if you continue hosting your sites here with InfinityFree, I think your site will get suspended again.


Higher limit is like they give you 1000inodes limit.

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Sorry, I don’t get the joke. :thinking:
But I like the cat meme. :smile:

I mean it should be lower limit, higher limits almost equals to something like higher problems.

Well, I think 380000 is definitely higher than 30000, don’t you think?

Yes, so there’s lower limit on it :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing because, here we are, argue about the that. :joy:
I think i should use the word “Less”.
“Less limitation” expresses the idea better in that case.

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