Account Suspension Details

My account was suspended .

Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits

I was wondering if I could get specific details how I’ve reached this limits or other detailed guidelines to prevent me from reaching this limit so that I could fix my page regarding this issue … Thank you :slight_smile:

This did occur to me too, last month. How ever it was only temporary, a few hours If I remember.

How long ago, within the last hour?

actually just an hour ago, although it was stated that it will be up within 23 hours the page does not give me any specific on how do I reached the said limit is there any way that I could access my database to export it even the account is under suspension? btw thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it has happened to me today.

Hmm, the only other option is premium to avoid these problems, some sites get knocked off for too many visits. I’ll have to see my options.

Anyway, yeah that is that then.

I’m considering that option right now but thus my current domain files be transferred to the new domain? because as I clicked the Go premium button and sign up for premium service the only option that does not return an “Invalid Domain Name Provided” error was the new domain option. Would it automatically connect to my old domain(that was under the suspended account) or I have to configure it manually?

Ah so you want to consider buying a service. I wasn’t referring myself to viewing that.

Domain as in a top level domain or the subdomain?

Hello there,

You may refer to this Knowledge Base article:


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