Account Suspended


My account fceu_18267678 was suspended for an unknown reason. Can you please help?


Hello Alexis.

There is a reason why we have pinned this topic at the top of forum’s threads. You can find further information regarding what to do if your account is suspended.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I alreday posted a ticket at xvhost, hope that my demand will be treated soon.

What can be the reason for suspending the account? I am using moderately your service.


Hello again.

We use automatic suspension system. This system suspends accounts that have similiar files/text/code snippets which usually are used by exploiters/hackers and other people who use our service against our ToS.

It is very likely that this is just a false positive and you haven’t done anything bad. Although this system seems brutal, it is efficient and all the suspension tickets are usually reviewed in matter of few hours, longest 2 days. But we need to have this system to prevent exploiters and crackers from starting to use our services as fast as possible.

You can also familiarise yourself with our Terms of Service.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask for help at here!