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Today my account is suspended. I have read why and when I will get back my account. But my question is how much click is allowed for one day that will be secure and will not suspended my account.

Please give me my answer.

Thank you

What do you mean by “click”?

If you mean web hits, the limit is 50,000 per 24 hours.
Note that web hits are every time a file is loaded, not every time a user visits a web page.

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Please check the control panel for more detail on why your account was suspended. Upgrading to premium can prevent this in the future by allowing you more visitors and CPU.

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50.000 files can be served in a day, thats high much

One fewer than you got today until it was suspended.

Your account is suspended because of you hit the Entry Process limits. As with most limits, more traffic means more usage, but an Entry Process and a “click” are very different things so it’s not possible to definitively say how much “clicks” you can get within the limit. It varies a lot by site and traffic.


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