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I am extremely thankful for infinityfree team because you are doing a great service to all those people who are at a budget.

I’ve been using this platform for almost 2 months with no serious problems. However, I got to know that once a certain hit limit is reached, infinityfree takes down websites. I’m doing a blog and is pretty serious about it, but since I have budget problems I chose infinityfree and I’m happy that I did.

What happens if my site gets suspended if 50k site hits are reached? Can I get it back? Will I be given the option to upgrade to iFastnet or will I lose my site forever?

Please do reply.

Don’t worry, suspensions for daily hit are only 24 hours, your website content remains the same!


Suspension occurs when a user hits the daily hits/CPU limit. For example, every website runs on servers, and by that, InfinityFree suspends domains for 24 hours each time they hit the limit so that the servers for other websites don’t get affected by the CPU usage.

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