Account suspended

hello sir

why sir
please help me

yes this site pos using
all data not download
very important
please fix this issue

Hello there @naingmyoezaw,

In the client are you should be able to see why your hosting account got suspended and there should be a knowledge base article link attached on for you to read to learn more about your suspension.

If your site got suspended because of abuse you’ll have to create a support ticket and ask them why your site triggered the abuse system and ask them how you can get your site reactivated.

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Hello there @Rfgdsans1,

For your information if your site got suspended your site including your files and databases will not be deleted immediately and will remain only up to 60 days. If you don’t take action to get your site reactivated within 60 days, then your site will be deleted permanently and this action is absolutely irreversible.

If you want to know why you got suspended and how to get your site reactivated please check my reply above.

i tell
receive message

(Hi there,

Thank you for contacting.

It appears your website was incorrectly detected as abuse by our anti fraud systems.

We have reactivated your account, apologies for the inconvenience.

You may continue to use your free hosting account now.

Please allow 10 minutes for account to be online and log out of your cPanel.

Best regards)

a few minutes

resuspended this site
now tell with staff not reply
waiting reply

At least wait for few mins? My site took 15 mins to reactivate and its files were untouched, please be patience :slight_smile:

Edit: since your site is still suspended, either create another ticket or wait for admin.


All my sites over 10 sub domain gone too

Nvm im guessing there system had a false ban wave

@Rfgdsans1 You did it yourself, not Staff.

Now not active my site
How to do

This is very weird ,Either create another ticket or wait for admin.

I only need sqldatabase waiting admin reply bro

Pending so long
Pending to answer change to word
My account active?

Because we don’t tolerate phishers on our hosting.

I see your account was reactivated once, and then immediately suspended again by hand. Which probably means that whoever reactivated your account the first time realized they made a mistake and suspended your account again.

Your account will never be active again, and we will not give you access to the content on it. We don’t accept you as a customer anymore, please take your business elsewhere.


How to download my data sir
I only need mysqldatabase
This pos data for my work
No upload phishing data
You check
I tell sqldatavbase not connect
And then suspended my account

You should have thought of that before using our hosting for phishing.

Like I said: we will not give you access to your accounts. Go away.

not using for phishing uploading phishing
I test sorry for my testing
But really need mysqldatabase
It for my life very important
Please admin
Sorry sorry​:sob::sob::sob:
Really need
I promise not using for phishing
I promise
Please help me

I’ve told you already: we don’t provide hosting to phishers. And you just openly admitted that you’ve uploaded phishing to our hosting.

So, like I also already told you: we don’t accept you as a customer anymore, and we will not accept your accounts.

This decision is final. We will never host a website for you ever again. Take your business elsewhere. Nothing you say or do will change that the fact that you’ve used our hosting for phishing.