Account suspended

I got an email long back for my account de-activation i forgot to activate the account. Below is the email that i got -

Your InfinityFree account epiz_24017378 (Website for has been deactivated .

Your account received almost no visitors in the last 30 days. Inactive accounts are automatically removed to make room for new active websites.

If you have fewer than three accounts, you can reactivate it through your client area. If you don’t reactivate the account, it will be deleted automatically in 3 days .

I lost the data also.

Can you please help me in getting my website data.


Hi there,

If you failed to reactivate it within the given time period, your account will be completely remove such as your data.
I think this is aleady irreversible and there’s no way to get it reactivated once you failed to comply with the instructions given.


Can you please check if anyhow i can get the files because i did not have the backup.

Like @UnknownLolz said: your account will be COMPLETELY removed, which includes all it’s data. So I’m sorry, but no, there is no way to get your files anymore.

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