Account suspended

Hi, im currently working on a few projects on my hosting and just uploaded an old website to a sub diectory for testing, now my account is suspended for abuse and will be deleted within 60 days ?

I have no idea why this happened so I have opened support ticket.

My question is does anyone know how long the support will take ? I really dont want my projects to be lost :frowning:


website is back thanks

iFastNet support is typically online between something like 8:00 in the morning until midnight UK time. Within those hours, you usually get a reply within 15 minutes or so. Outside of those time, it varies.


thanks admin

im still unclear why it was suspended , I cannot find how to open the support ticket i started also I have no email about it either

any ideas ?

You can navigate to the hosting account in the client area. At the top of the page should be a SUBMIT SUPPORT TICKET or VIEW SUPPORT TICKET button.

If your account was already reactivated but you want to review previous conversations, you can do so through the Deactivation History menu.


thanks again admin I found it

lovely jubly

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