Account suspended unfairly!

My website is
It got suspended, foe what it seems, 5 hours ago, I ve just noticed it.

It says I have hit my CPU usage limited. It is imposible. I haven’t been updating of modifying my website. Nor I have hit 50.000 visits… not even close.

Can someone help me?

Hello there,

There are many factors to put into consideration of how your site could hit the CPU limit.

Please check this Knowledge Base article for more information:

It should tell you the many possibilities of why your site utilized 100% of the CPU limit and how you might be able to reduce your CPU usage. The KB also answers this question" My website doesn’t have any traffic, why was it suspended?" which you might find helpful.


Hits usage is not CPU usage. If you had reached the hits limit, we would say you had hit the hits limit. If it doesn’t say you hit the hits limit, it means you did not hit the hits limit.

If you want to know what CPU usage actually is, you should really read the article that @UnknownLolz shared above.


One question administrators, what is the limit of visits? @Admin

There is no limit of visits. You can find the limits at:

and go to the fair limits section


Your answer and the one above are really annoying.
i ve read hundreds of time that article and is completely useless.

Maybe YOU BOTH need to read it, because ir says: " The method on how CPU usage is calculated, and the values that go into the limit, are classified for multiple reasons:

  • The calculations are hard to understand and reason about."

" How can I see which software is generating the CPU usage

The short answer is: you probably can’t."
I’m not copying and pasting the whole article, but it goes on and on in the same manner.

How can it be? I have this site for over two moths now, when I did the original upload I’ve supposedly hit the cpu’s limit, OK. Then over the next months I did minor changes and everything was ok, no suspensions.
I haven’t touch my admin or cpanel for at least for a week and yesterday out of the blue I’ve supposedly hit my CPU limit without doing anything and nothing is different from before when it did work.
I don’t even had a lot of traffic!!! I don’t even get a 1000 hits per day!!

you just suspended me for no reason

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tf? did you say to admin?

I don’t see how anyone is meant to solve your problem if you don’t give us much information. Include what your using (wordpress, joomla), which plugins you use .etc
No one can help you if you don’t give detailed information.

“The one above” has a name who is @UnknownLolz . Also, keep your thoughts to yourself. If you don’t understand or it still doesn’t work say: “I don’t understand” or “It doesn’t work” not "“You are annoying” or no-one will bother helping you then


I really wish I could do more for you. I would love to be able to tell you “oh, there was a small issue with your account, we’ve fixed it and your website won’t be suspended again”. Or even information like “just change X, Y and Z and your CPU usage will decrease”. But I don’t think that there is an issue with our system, and we don’t have information to the level of detail to give any meaningful, specific recommendations.

You say you don’t have a lot of traffic, but if you look at the CPU usage graph, you’ll see use approximately 25% CPU usage every day on average. If you get a usage spike on a day, that could result in you hitting the usage limit.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. But I also understand that this isn’t the kind of help you were hoping to get. Unfortunately, this is the best we can do.

I understand your pissed off that your website got taken for for seemingly no reason. But just because there seems to be no reason, doesn’t mean there is no reason.


Again, you sound like a horoscope. Yo give long vague “guruish” answers instead of actually trying to help. if you need extra information just ask! I thought it was pretty obvious, a quick look on the site and you will know I’m using wordpress. Further I’m using hestia theme and elementor plugin, nothing more.

I have no idea why I’m using 25% of cpu daily because as i have quoted of your precious post it clearly says that there is no way in earth I can know how much cpu usage I’m actually using or what software or plugin or anything is using the cpu.

What i’m saying is that the day before yesterday and the ones before that one I have not been suspended and yesterday i have for no apparent reason. I haven’t changed anything, touched, upload or nothing . I have not got a lot of daily hits, According to the graphs I didn’t even get 5.000 once! Also, according to the graphs I did not even had a pick of hits yesterday.

How can it be that if nothing has change, I ve got suspended?

You need to listen to admin, He knows how much CPU you are using, like he said, if you have a sudden spike, it could result in reaching the limit.

This has nothing to do with the daily hits, it is about the CPU (Partially to do with hits like how much the page loads)

No, Admin is explaining it to you, as you so clearly don’t understand, he is trying to get you to understand that he can’t magically make it decrease, you have to put some effort in and see whats using cpu.

It is about cpu not hits


In most cases, wp-admin uses more CPU than your actual site. If you use the customizer a lot, then that is probably why since the customizer preview has to execute too much php scripts.
The only thing I can suggest at the moment, is to use an analytical plugin and see what’s causing high CPU.


I’m sorry, but like I said: I don’t have any actionable advice to give you. If I had that, I would have given it. If I needed more information from you, I would have asked for it. If I had more data, I would have shown it.

I wish I could be of more help. I know that I haven’t given the kind of answers you had hoped for. But please understand that this is not for lack of trying, but simple lack of ability.

The fact of the matter is, like the article says, you have a few options here:

  • Try to improve your CPU usage by following some of the general recommendations (e.g. remove unnecessary plugins, use caching).
  • Try to investigate your CPU usage yourself using performance profiling.
  • Move to hosting with higher CPU usage limits.

That’s it. There is nothing else I can give you. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. But this is the best I can reasonably offer.


Refreshing your site everytime you make a changes can also cause a cpu spike limit and traffic hits.

Wordpress had a lots of .php files or even all of the links are made of .php-scripts. And then you execute a plugin/s everytime you want to edit your website, such as using the elementor or other plugins that you have.

I have not updated or edited my website!
It just happend!

Yesterday it was suspended . The day before that and the ones before that one the site was live and ok. Nothing changed from those days to yesterday, at least not in my end. I have less than 200 unique visitors per day and no more than 2000 requests per day. Yesterday was no exception, no picks…
It’s a very simple wordpress website with 3 pages, text and a few images.
How come nothing changes on the backend or on hits and out of the blue I reach a limit. The only explanation is that my hosting provider has lowered the bar.

I`m not using nor have unnecessary plugins, I ve just have and use Elementor.
And I did not use it yesterday. I have not entered my wp admin in at least a weak.
I am caching.

I don`t know where to look, because as I said yesterday was no different from the other days where the site was live and ok.

I have not updated my website for a while!!! The site was working fine, yesterday, no different for the days before it got suspended.

Are you here to plead your case?
Are you here to ask for info?
Are you here to complain?

Listen to everyone, php scripts as you may not know are heavy, and carry and require a lot of CPU, especially with many people accessing

Like admin said, you may have got a spike of traffic, causing it to go over the limit.

I wrote here because I want to know what happen because I cannot unexpectedly have my site down.

Again, I did not had a spike on traffic, I had less than my normal visitors and sites requests that aren’t much. If having 27 visitors at a time makes everything crush then all the unlimited stuff is kinda useless.

My site is cached, is just images and texts… nothing extraordinary about it and it was just working fine.

Install an analytical plugin as said before on Wordpress so you can identify the problem.

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