Account suspended, reinstated for some minutes and Suspended again


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I have my domain running on Infinityfree (free hosting). It’s just a single page containing “About me” section which I developed in Wordpress. I have no other media files or images or anything on my website. Just a simple one page site with colored test in it. I have cloudflare on my website and it doesn’t show me any more than 50-60 requests on a day. But for the previous two days I’m getting the email that your account has been suspended for IO limits and will be reinstated after 24 hours. But as I get the email that your account’s been suspended after 20-30 minutes I get the email that it has been suspended again and you need to wait for 24 hours. I can’t even access my website to backup it on my local computer. Would help if someone could help me.

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I even disabled cloudflare on my website but nothing happened.

Any themes or plugins?
How about pointing domain to other nameservers?

I’ve i think two or three installed but I don’t use them.

Plugins which you don’t use are of no use. Removing them may help. Plugins and themes contribute to the I/O limit.

Remove everything that you do not use. Additionally, the IO limit seems to be messed up as well, perhaps wait for Admin to respond.

Thanks @YT_Xaos for the edit.


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