Account Suspended - MySQL Usage Limits

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Your account was suspended because you hit the MySQL Usage Limits. Learn more about this limit.
Your account will be reactivated automatically in 22 hours from now.
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I’m using this software: MyBB Forum-Software 1.8.x

Additional information: Can the account be activated earlier please?

Sincerely Advenvture of War.

Sadly. But that cannot be reactivated earlier. It will reactivate after 22 hours.

once that reactivates If is there any extensions (or plugins?) that uses high Mysql usage. Inactivate them.

It looks that your account is suspended for another reason than the shown daily limits.

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MyBB is using default plugins and no weird shitty extensions. They’re all tested by the MyBB Staff-Team

Anyway, we’re going to wait then if it’s totally needed; 22 hours.

Did you read the Article they mentioned? These are the possible reasons:

There are a many different factors which could cause high database load from your application. A few common issues are:

  • Your website received a lot of hits, which results in a large number of connections to the database being opened, as well as a large number of database queries to be executed.
  • Your website code executes a lot of database queries for every request.
  • Some of the database queries you execute take a lot of processing power to execute. Queries which process a lot of data, have complex subqueries and joins, or which just don’t use indexes properly, can put a lot of strain on a database.
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I know, I read it but trying doesn’t mean failing so why shouldn’t I be allowed to create a support ticket?
Anyway, this can be closed here, solution was given once again i.e. twice.

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The support tickets are only to request an appeal for accounts which we marked for review by staff. Daily limits do not require staff review. Instead, accounts are simply reactivated automatically.


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