Account suspended for supposed DDOS attack?

I’m fairly new to using InfinityFree, and I gotta say it’s not going well.

I got an email saying my account has been suspended for abuse. My website isn’t even complete yet (there was nothing on it but a navbar). Upon opening a support ticket, I was told my site was somehow the target of a DDOS attack.

I was led to believe that InfinityFree’s servers are protected against DDOS, unless this is not the case?

I then asked for any evidence that this actually took place. Number of hits… anything. Support’s reply was “Sorry this is not possible.” Entirely unhelpful. I feel that I’m being blamed and punished for something I wasn’t even aware of and that’s entirely out of my control. It’s especially surprising that it happened to my site that I’d barely gotten started on.

So now, I come to the community for any advice on how to handle this situation further, and prevention for the future as Support has been effectively useless to me.


Hello, and welcome!

You account may be down since iFastNet is trying to manage the attack, and divert it elsewhere. Unfortunately, because of the number of websites that are hosted on each server, it can be hard to do this. Normally, websites are suspended until the attack stops. This allows less strain to be put on the server getting attacked. Your account should be reactivated when the attack is over.


Thank you, and I sure hope so.
Support has led me to believe that I won’t be getting it back. They even told me to host elsewhere which is very discouraging.
Do you know how long before they delete my data?

Generally it is 60 days. However, it is your responsibility to always have a backup, and your only copy of your files should not be on the server. If something goes wrong with the server, neither InfinityFree nor iFastNet is responsible for your data.


And that makes sense normally, but I wouldn’t have guessed that my account would be taken down so soon. Support mentioned that they can send a backup as well but at this point they’re unresponsive, hence my concern. UGH. Thanks for the help


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