Account Suspended For Random CPU Spike


For some reason my account was temporarily suspended for 24 hrs due to a random CPU spike. Is there a way to fix this problem? I have minimally resource intensive addons so this doesn’t make any sense. Please help if possible @Admin or any other user. Thank you.

There many reasons why it would happen. One of the possible reason is the heavy codes running on your website.

To know more, kindly check the article:


This is probably due to a large increase of visitors, heavy codes would run once, for a bit of cpu, but if say 10 visitors at a time, loading heavy scripts, that could mean a large increase of CPU usage, what type of CMS are you using, Wordpress or your own PHP code?

It looks like one day you has 5,000 hits, enough to generate large CPU usage


If you’re using wordpress for your website use Heartbeat Control plugin


Im only using Wordpress with minimal plugins. Thats why it was so strange. I don’t have heavy traffic, it was only me on the site that day, trying to make it look good, and writing my first blog post. So I’m guessing it just glitched really hard for some reason.

Thank you for the suggestion, i will try it. Much appreciated.

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Refreshing your site everytime you make a changes can also cause a random cpu spike. Did you know that all of the Wordpress links including the dashboard and post editor are made of .php link and script, which is bad.

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How do you know this?

Please note that if you use Google Analytics to keep track of no of visitors, then you should know that Analytics only tracks those that have enabled Javascript in their browsers. This means that Analytics often does not keep tracks of browsers that have Javascript disabled, or bots that are meant to send traffic to your website. If you use Cloudflare, compare the traffic there from Analytics. Cloudflare represents the actual number of times a request was send to fetch your website from the server. That is the actual traffic of your website.


Fortunately due to the security system, it is hard for bots to crawl your sites, and for visitors who don’t have Javascript enabled, you cannot access the site!

Most but not all. Plus, anyone can have tracker disabled and Google Analytics won’t count them as traffic.

Yes, like firefox, automatically blocking trackers, Hence why i use it :slight_smile:

But @BakeryOfWitchery i would reccomend doing what Erraticstuff suggested below;

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Thank you for the help, but I just started my website a day or two ago, without linking anyone it. I would assume i was the only one on it, much less it getting botted.

That makes sense, I never thought of that. I’ll be sure to keep it in mind to make sure I don’t refresh it too fast.

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Thank you for your input, I’ll download it as soon as my site’s back up. Much appreciated help from all of you, my thanks goes out to all of you :grin:

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We’re happy and glad to help! Always comeback if ever you face a problem, Goodluck with your site!

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