Account Suspended for Abuse

My account was suspended for abuse, after linking a sub domain to my main domain free ( sub domain ( I didn’t understand much about the abuse, as I followed the Platform’s guidelines correctly. If anyone can help me thank you, I need this urgent release!

Raise support ticket. It may be a false alarm

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This isn’t API hosting.

That’s probably the abuse, the very clear

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I already solved the problem with the InfinityFree Staff, it was a mistake of mine due to the hosting being free I cannot make link indications in free domains, besides everything was using an api system that was like “Autoload.php” which according to the guidelines is wrong. The team helped me very well and I apologize for any inconvenience I caused

Sir, My account epiz_21800164 is suspended . my website kindly restore to my email
kindly look into this matter.

Pls raise support request…

dear sir, I have a mail received for a full backup can be downloaded but only show page 404 not found. Infinityfree inform me cloudflare has basic DDOS protection but we recommend you look at using a specialized DDOS protected hosting. Sorry unfortunately due the the target of a ddos attack and we can no longer host this account. A full backup can be downloaded from
but open link page 404 found. kindly check my website not looking. mail my email again website download to other hosting. I am very upset for my problem . kindly check into this matter.

If your account is suspended for abuse, submit a ticket from the client area. Do not submit a post in the forum. Do not send an email. Don’t write a review. Just follow our procedures and submit a ticket from the client area.

Most of the times, your account is not lost and you can still get it back. But you can only do that if you submit a ticket from the client area.