Account Suspended - Daily CPU limit exceeded

Hi infinityfree Hosting .
I hosted a free sub with you wonderful host .
I really like your service and your quality .
but in those days , my accounts has been suspended two times , and that make a big problem for me to close my server for 24h cuz its a community Website and so active , 100 visitor per day , ill look for upgrade soon , cuz i like your service . but im just want to bring back my website online without problems , and stop suspending my Service .

Ty for understanding .
Client email : malekhac@gma#
My website user name : rfgd_20160681

If you are regularly hitting the daily CPU limits, I would recommend to upgrade sooner rather than later. Your website is clearly using too much processing power, so you need to optimize your website or upgrade your account to prevent it from being taken down again.