Account suspended because daily CUP limit

I launch website with infinityfree of hosting free plan last 10 day ago.I posted already 7post in website.So, my website traffic is very young and poorly.Runing daily visitor get 2 or 5 or 7 etc.But infinityfree make SUSPEND website already 2 time during 10 days.They showed some advertising in suspended website page, long 24 hour.Also check in cpanel showing their advertising and then massge that “if you cannot waiting, Going premium plan” .I see they will alway say CPU limit hiting and suspend.

Hummmm, i think they should noy giving free plan hosting because get stress on users.I cannot understand their free service and CPU limit.
Thanks to everybody.

If it is not acceptable, you shd upgrade to premium hosting.
It means you are either using too much resource or you misconfigured your website.
Do not blame Infinity.


Every service has limits, and the limits are usually proportional to what you pay for the service. So on a free service, the limits are not going to be very high.

If you don’t want the stress of limits, renting a huge managed dedicated server should avoid all of that. But if you aren’t ready to spend hundreds of dollars per month, you have to settle for less.

I know, the limits are quite abstract and hard to understand. We measure them because we can measure them on the server level and they make sense on the server level. I also would love to be able to tell you that “plugin X or page Y is causing the issue”, but we don’t know that either. But please understand that the fact that we don’t know what’s causing it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


I think There’re higher limits on free hosting than paid ones?

Premium hosting has much higher limits than free hosting. Did the negative in the sentence cause some confusion?


I mean, Higher limit stands for Higher restriction, Like for example When X has higher limits than Y, it means Y restricts so much. Like if premium hosting has higher limits than ours, it is like they give 1K inodes limit while we provide 35K.

Maybe i’m having lack of English knowledge.

For the Web Hosting, I can’t say, but for credit card, high limit that means you can spend more money with that same card.

For example:

So, in some sense, in my opinion, in this case, higher limit mean you have a better deal.


I’ve gotten lack of English knowledge, Maybe because for ex here we say My country has higher limits than European countries :smile:

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In web hosting it goes for me like so.

Limit in free is (lets say) 100 GB Bandwidth
Limit in paid is 1000GB Bandwidth

Paid has higher limits, because you have more space upto the limits, or put by

upper limit - the largest possible quantity. maximum. peak, extremum - the most extreme possible amount or value; “voltage peak” large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude.

Or from some random site

For shared hosting with higher I/o and entry process limits , check out Hostwithlove, Mightweb etc

Higher limits = Bigger numbers

I am now confused.