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Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated, or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket using the button below.

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My account has been suspended (second time in again).
In support ticket I get reason of suspend: my ip when i register writen in spam ip list.
After reactivaton my account again suspended, but staff not answer me.

@HACKERPRO17 Yeah my accounts keep getting suspended and reactivated after I file a ticket cause they were incorrectly flagged. Idk what’s going on, except the “abuse” moniter is BROKEN.

Most likely, because I was blocked a second time due to the fact that my IP with which I registered is in the SPAM databases.

I wouldn’t say that their system is “broken”. It’s trying to catch as much suspected abuse as possible. So your account could get caught up into one of these suspected abuses.

If it’s not an abuse, then simply create a ticket in your client area and they would release your account.


The fact is that employees generally stopped responding to messages in the ticket.

I can’t create new ticket.

@Admin sorry for mention but my account suspended, and I don’t get reply about this situation.

Mmmmmm, nice

Why has it been suspended. How large is your website. Has someone DDoS’ed your site, has someone reported your domain for abuse. What content is in your site, because the error message suggests abuse

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My site very small.No one DDoS’ed.On site files for debug CMS.

It’s second time when my account get suspend by this reason.

That means your IP address has been flagged for abuse. Is anyone else using your WiFi, have you been sending spam (emails) to other people or been involved in phishing or other activities.
If not, change your WiFi password and then ask your ISP to give you a new IP address. Also do not use a VPN, this may cause it to get banned

But I have dynamical IP.

Yes, it may be dynamic, but they assign you the same one for around 2 weeks. If you ask them, they may be able to assign you a new one straight away

In fact, I was blocked for the second time, and then unblocked. Moreover, this ticket was not closed and the account was again blocked. Something is unlucky for this account.

The reason was that this account was linked to mail. I contacted the support of where they told me that I needed to change my mail. The problem was solved.


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