Account Suspend 3rd day in row [again]

I haven’t had any issue this month,I had cach installed after lasttime and had php deactivat,this morning, and still Suspended!

. All started converting after IF send me upgrade advert…

This morning I woke up at 6am todeactivate php to stop it being suspended.

Last visitor i had was 3 days ago. Yet it gets suspended after hour coming back online,which isn’t long enough to fix any"issues"

What going on!

Hey man, I think you helped me last . Any ideas?

If you check your control panel, you’ll see that your entry process usage in the last few days is like 5-10 times the set limit. I don’t know what you’re doing on that account, but it’s almost burning a hole in the server.

What you could do is to go to your domain name provider and remove our nameservers from your domain. This should prevent any new traffic from going to your site, which should keep your account online the next time it’s reactivated. After that, you can either set up IP address whitelisting or password protection on your site, and then switch your nameservers back.

This helps ensure that you can access the site and make improvements to reduce the entry process usage. Once you’ve implemented the optimizations, you can remove the IP filtering / password protection.


Thanks for replying.
I haven’t had any visitor to keep knock the site offline. in the pass i’v had lots of visitors in one day and is been fine

I only got WP add on whitch only runs when people visits. I don’t really want start messing with name server unnecessary,took long enough to set it all up.

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Entry process usage is generated by requests to PHP scripts on your website. So with your entry process usage, at least something is hitting your website quite hard. Unfortunately, we don’t record metrics detailed enough to tell exactly why that is.

If you don’t want to follow my suggestion, that’s fine. But it’s the only solution I can think of to let you access your website, except for upgrading to premium hosting of course. It’s your website and your call. But I wouldn’t be surprised if your website is quickly suspended again.


Yes how can I help? @SolidSnake

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