Account reactivated however i still cannot access it

No idea how but my account was deactivated yesterday due to high CPU usage… not sure how i managed this. Now today it says it was reactivated an hour ago however im still getting the same redirect when i try to access it. What is going on???

site url please?

My site is suspended too at 19:02 he should have been start to work but is 21:39 and i still have a suspended domain my site is i think this is a time issue for example i am from differnt state and i have different time or i dont know

Why 19:02 ? I saw that at cpanel

@owlsaudio I checked your website and it’s working fine from here.

@Titan_Games Your account is still suspended and will be for another two hours, so that’s why your site is still redirecting to

Also, please note that the times in the client area are in UTC and the times in the control panel are in EST. And of course, they may both be different from your local time. That’s why both panels show relative timers in addition to the full date and time. Please be aware of this when comparing times yourself.

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I understand this but thanks for detalied answer!

Can i change UTC time to EST in cpanel?

The control panel is already in EST, the client area is in UTC.

And no, neither of the panels have a time zone selector at this moment.


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