Account reactivated but database not working?

My account was temporarily suspended yesterday due to exceeding the daily limits. Today it was reactivated however the the database no longer works. I cannot connect to phpMyAdmin via the cPanel, instead my browser gives me the error “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.” My wordpress returns “Error establishing a database connection.”

Perhaps my databases were not reactivated during the reactivation process?

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup of this database, so it would be a great loss if I cannot resolve this.

Looking forward to any help.


Did they reactivate the website within 1day after you submitted the request?

Hi Weehao, I didn’t request it be reactivated, it was automatically reactivated after 24 hours of suspension due to exceeding the daily CPU/memory usage.

My databases have finally come back online automatically.

After the account is reactivated, you may need to login to the control panel once to restore the database access.

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