Account is gone

Username epiz_23019658 (although it seems to be inexistent now)

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On 4/04 I got a letter about account suspension telling me it would possible to reactivate it getting premium. It would possible to do so within 60 days legally established period, as stated on the support page. 3 weeks elapsed and my account is completely gone. There are no suspended accounts in my client area. Just today I’ve decided to go premium, but I see there is no need anymore. Is there a way to get it back. Thank you

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Attached the screenshots of replies from infinityfree

You can ask them for backup.

Thanks for your reply. Whom do I ask for a backup? The suspended account is already gone, although 60 days period has not elapsed. Basically, there is no place or anyone to open a ticket now.

For what reason is it suspended?

Signup and create a ticket with them there.

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I’m sorry, but the account does indeed appear to have been deleted on the 18th of April. I don’t know why it was deleted that soon.

You can definitely try asking iFastNet to see if they can still provide a backup, or even migrate the website. But normally, if an account is gone, it’s gone, and there is no way to get the contents back.


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