Account is blocked

Account is blocked. How to download my files from hosting?

Wait for suspension to lift?

I can’t enter 3 days. Tell me how to contact the support service?

Why was the account suspended? Please check the client area for details.

Also, you can only access ticketed support if your website is permanently suspended.


I do not know the reason for the blocking, the support service should tell the reason. I need to return my files. I no longer want to work with this hosting, too much time is going to solve problems. For 3 days I can’t solve this issue and it is not clear where to write to solve this problem

If you need/want that level of support, you should upgrade to a paid plan.

How can I return my files? Where is the support service? Who can help?

Have you checked the client area as instructed? What’s the message there?

And they will, if you ask them for it.

As you can see in the client area:

To learn why your account was suspended, to get your account reactivated, or to request a backup, please submit a support ticket using the button below.

And I see you didn’t create that ticket.

If you want to get help, you need to ask for help to the people who can help you. Complaining to other people who cannot help you that you’re not getting help isn’t going to get you that help, don’t you think?


Give a link to the support service. I don’t know where to write

Please use the “Create Ticket” button that can clearly be found on the account page.


or here ???

It throws me here, Login to your account - InfinityFree
But there is no support service here

Again, you are looking in the client area, on the account page.


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