Account has fully used it's inode allocation

account has fully used it’s inode allocation
Inodes Used: 100 % (30672 of 30019)
how to set this issue. what type of files should i have to delete and currently i’m not using anything as my domains are in suspensions (.ml domains) but how it got 100% even while i’m using it doesn’t happened before.

I suggest deleting the “unnecessary” kind of files. As for which files that actually are, that’s up to you to determine. It’s your site, we don’t know which files are important and which aren’t.

I see you added a new subdomain a few days ago and uploaded two copies of some coding project to it.

Meanwhile, all the .ml domains and corresponding files are still there. Seeing how those files are inaccessible anyways, you may want to download them to your own computer if you don’t have a copy of those files, and then delete the domains and corresponding files from your account.

If you’re just going to add more and more websites to your account and never remove anything, you will eventually run into storage limits.


trying to transfer from old subdomains to new but filed to upload. right now copying from ftp. and i got it i’ll check for unnecessary files to delete.
thank you

I just removed few files from directory but still it is 100% should i have to wait for some time.

First of all, that counter in control panel isn’t live, it is updated every 8 hours, so yes, you’ll need some time.

Meanwhile, if you really just deleted few files then don’t expect for that counter drops a lot.


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